An affordable loan for those who create

No cultural project needs to be left unfunded

An affordable loan for those who create

No cultural project needs to be left unfunded

What is a creative loan?

The creative loan will help to implement the project, when the national decision makers and fans run out of money.

You’re an artist, a musician, a writer, a photographer, or a creative person in any other field.

You have an idea. You have a plan. You have a conviction. Unfortunately, you lack the means to carry out your vision.

So far, cultural projects have been dependent on the will of public donors and courtiers. Many ideas have found the necessary capital, while most have remained unsupported. Not anymore!

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Creative loan is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the cultural and creative sectors, such as:

  • the audiovisual sector (films, television programs, animated films, video games and multimedia),
  • organization of festivals,
  • music,
  • literature,
  • architecture,
  • archives,
  • libraries and museums,
  • arts and crafts,
  • cultural heritage,
  • design,
  • performing arts,
  • publishing,
  • radio and visual arts,
  • … and so on.

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Why to take a creative loan?

A creative loan will help you finance a creative project that would not otherwise be implemented.

How much and what conditions?

Loan amount: €5,000 – €250,000
  • Loan amount: €5,000 – €250,000
  • Period: up to 60 months
  • Interest: up 1.33% per month (up 16% per year)
  • Guarantee: guarantee of a private or a legal person (if applicable)
  • Contract fee: 1,5% of the loan amount (min €125)
  • Flexible payment schedule.
  • The guarantee of a member of the management board is sufficient for the guarantee.
  • The principal of the loan may be returned upon completion of the project. Only interest must be paid on the current basis.
  • The loan can be returned early free of charge.
  • The loan has many options: starting or extending the project, acquisition of fixed assets, financing of current assets.
  • Brilliantly appropriate for projects whose grants are paid out only after the project has been completed.

Where's the money coming from?

Behind the creative loan stands Finora Bank.

Our team and owners have more than 75 years of international experience in both banking, leasing, corporate financing and international financial organizations.

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How to apply?

The following consists of five simple steps:
  • Step 1

    Fill in the request

  • Step 2

    Send us the necessary documents (financial statements, business plan)

  • Step 3

    We make a loan decision, which we generally report back within a couple of days

  • Step 4

    We make a contract and the loan amount is immediately transferred to your account

  • Step 5

    You’re going to implement your project

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The financing benefits from the support of the Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility with the financial backing of the European Union under the Creative Europe Programme.

Further information on the guarantee measure is available on the website of the European Investment Fund: Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility.